Wakool Room
Nursery 1

Welcome to the Wonderful Wakool Nursery at Pink and Blue Early Learning where we cater for ages 0-2 years with up to 12 children a day. The children in this room are nurtured by high quality educators who carefully plan flexible routine to cater for children’s individual needs and interests with the aim of having a homely feel.  

We are committed to creating strong bonds with your little ones so they will be happy, secure and safe in our care and we acknowledge all families diversities, religious beliefs and cultural identities.

We acknowledge that it can be a difficult transition for both parents and children so we aim to always be welcoming to families and nurture relationships based on trust and open and honest communication. We enjoy watching your little ones grow and reaching those big milestones.We communicate daily through story park to keep you updated on your child’s routines and adventures as well as phone calls and texts throughout the day.

We encourage learning through play based experiences in both our indoor and outdoor environments while following the Early Years Learning Framework which gives the children an opportunity to explore, learn but most of all have the best fun.