Millewa Room
2-3 years

In the Millewa room, we are all about creating a warm and welcoming environment to help keep children engaged and content, allowing for each child to reach their full learning potential through play.

All activities are set up focused on child interest (the child’s voice), child learning and developmental goals. We work closely with families to discover and achieve these goals, helping to build strong and trusting relationships.

Our program and educators are continually encouraging each child to express ones self through various dramatic play experiences, helping to develop self-confidence, self-identity, social skills and building friendships with peers.
Learning to share, turn taking and fairness with others are also a key focus in our room to help children feel that they have equal opportunities, allowing for each individual to feel like they belong. Also displaying the children’s artwork and family photos around our room to help children have a sense of being.

Our environment is filled with natural materials and resources to allow for children to explore and learn from our natural environment. We are continually working on sustainability in this room as we have a Bunny (Roger the rabbit.), a little vegetable patch and a worm farm.

Self-help skills are a big part of this age group, as this is when children strive for independence. Promoting lots of opportunities to develop fine motor skills to help with self serving, as well as taking care of our own belongings, learning to put on our own socks and shoes and sunscreen in summer. With a maximum of 24 children per day, we have a wonderful team of educators who are passionate, dedicated, loving and caring.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Millewa room here at Pink and Blue Early Learning.