Loddon Room
Nursery 2

Welcoming children into a comforting, warm and welcoming environment where children are free to explore as they learn most through play and investigation. The Loddon Room provides children with the opportunity to take risks and make their own decisions with guidance as we often like to encourage children of appropriate age to attempt challenges with assistance such as retrieving a personal item, self-help skills such as eating, putting on shoes or getting themselves out of a challenging situation. We conduct group time as we begin to prepare the children for the toddler room as we prompt participation in stories, sing along and intentional teaching opportunities such as counting and recognition of themselves and others by name.

We promote a strong sense of an overall wellbeing as we demonstrate alternative strategies when resolving a disagreement about toys within the room or personal items, we encourage the use of their language simplistically when the child's development is applicable. When forming connections with children and their families, we promptly listen to their needs and cater for their requests to obtain all avenues of the child's learning, growth and development holistically.

The nursery environment scaffolds each child's individual learning and developmental abilities. Our room capacity is situated at 12, this allows educators to form trusting and meaningful relationships with children and their families. therefore; these interactions are able to be personalised as educators have the time to focus on each child's characteristics, likes and dislikes to maintain a safe, secure and supportive environment for children to flourish while obtaining the continuous support of educators within the room.

Our room is enriched with culture as we rotate a dedicated play space of the diverse backgrounds of our families throughout the year. In the past we have explored the wonderful parts of the world through play, learning about the traditions and cultures of India, Germany, Vietnam, Bangladesh. We pay our respects to the Indigenous grounds of the Aborigines as we regulate our recognition to the custodians of this land through story time, retrieving family input as we develop and create respectful activities for children to learn and explore.  

It is strongly believed children of this age group learn best through play, we advocate the importance of indoor/outdoor play as children make their own decisions of play whether it is guided with educators or their imaginations thrive with the resources provided. We conduct various sensory activities as children begin to recognise textures and senses. We provide free play spaces, while also displaying table top activities for focused learning.  

Our routine is flexible and caters to all children's routines, with a separate connecting room for sleeping arrangements to provide a relaxing environment to meet each child's needs. The room becomes incredibly calm with minimal light and soft sleep music. Our meals are regularly eaten together, however we always provide alternatives or waiting periods for when a child is ready to eat.

“Play is fundamentally important for learning 21st century skills, such as problem solving, collaboration, and creativity.” ~
American Academy of Pediatrics