Goulburn Room
1-2 years

Welcome to the Goulburn Room, when you enter our space you will see a engaged loving family focused environment, we have a variety of engaging experiences linking to the children's interests, each child is supported to extend on their own learning through building close relationships with there educators. 

At group times we share ideas introduce new concepts, read together, sing and have a strong focus on Aslan Sign Language all children are so engaged and have taken a big interest, we follow the early years philosopher Vygosty scaffolding children to learn at a pace and level that is right for them. As educators we have a vital role to play in helping the children's growth and development helping young children to discover and engage with their natural, age appropriate, social and cultural environment through language, we have a beautiful natural, inviting outdoor play space that encourages running, climbing and dancing and sandpit play this helps the children's social reaction, getting messy and learning through real life experience.