Darling Room
3-4 years

In the Darling room, we offer a stimulating and welcoming environment for our three- to four-year-old children to learn and explore through a play-based program. Allowing for our young learners to achieve their fullest potential.

The Darling room have a strong focus on sustainability, inclusion and an interest-based program. We use the children’s interests to continue to develop and improve our program, offering many different experiences throughout our room to encouraging engagement and incite fun. We understand that all cultures are represented in our children and community, we offer many different cultural aspects to our environment and experiences, with a strong sense of inclusion embedded within our program.

We understand that children learn best through play and in a calming environment. We offer many different smaller sized play-spaces to encourage better engagement within our experiences. Our quiet indoor spaces allow for our younger learners to rest during the day.

We operate an indoor-outdoor program, with for free movement between both spaces. Our outdoor area encourages children to explore and engage with the environment and natural resources. We have a thriving veggie garden, planted, maintained and constantly eaten by our wonderful children! Our other outdoor experiences promote motor skills with climbing, sliding and sand/ water-based play.

We understand that all children learn and play differently, we ensure that all children feel safe, secure and supported within the environment and encourage them to continue to thrive to be the best that they can be.