Campaspe Kids Kindergarten
4 Year Old Kinder

The 4-year-old Kindergarten program at Pink and Blue Early Learning is a play-based program that focuses on the children's interests, learning needs, and abilities to ensure the program caters for all children and their families. To ensure this is achieved the program allows the children to lead their own learning with intentional teaching arising throughout the program to support children's learning and development. More specifically, it includes an indoor and outdoor program, structured group times and mealtimes, with plenty of opportunity for the children to lead their own learning by choosing an activity that is of interest to them.

All activities, learning experiences and play spaces link to the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework outcomes. Our program focuses on supporting children's social and emotional development by encouraging and supporting children to become active and independent learners. We believe it is important for children to display dispositions for learning such as demonstrating self-help skills, being able to communicate and negotiate with their peers, and ask for help when needed. Therefore, we aim to create an environment where children can achieve this in order to become ready for school and continue with their learning journey. We believe when children are supported to achieve these outcomes they are given the best opportunity to flourish.