Kindergarten Program 2019


Meet our AMAZING Kindergarten Teacher René Park


René moved to Echuca from South Africa, where she was the Principal of a small country school that she setup with the help of some very generous donors. René says there was a need for a school for local families in their area so their children did not have to go away to boarding school for primary aged children.

Her passion and enthusiasm for learning is so contagious, your children will be unable to hold in the excitement as they share with you the adventures they’ve had during their day at Pink and Blue.


Our Kinder program focuses more on Social and Emotional development as a priority, so we can ensure that we are sending confident, independent and enthusiastic young learners to school.


We also focus on numeracy and literacy skills which develop over the year, but don’t feel it would benefit children to know how to write their name and count to 100 (numeracy and literacy), if they don’t have the confidence to seek help or resolve an issue if being bullied in the playground (social and emotional development).


Our Kindergarten is based on a strong foundation of play-based learning, which has been proven to hold many learning benefits for children of this age. Towards the end of the year we do aid the transition to school by raising certain expectations to ensure our Kindergarten children are ready for the huge change they are about to embark on, however our expectations always remain age appropriate.