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Welcome to Pink and Blue

Pink and Blue Early Learnings new purpose built Early Childhood Education facility has been designed for kids. With bright spacious rooms, an inviting atmosphere and lots of natural light. We have paid particular attention to detail in order to stimulate the natural curiosity of children.

Our Centre

Each room is full of fun brand new, age appropriate toys and equipment to ensure that each child’s learning experiences are both fun and educational. We have a number of active play spaces, which are both indoor and outdoor, enabling children to develop their gross motor skills, whatever the weather conditions. The younger children have a separate sleep room enabling them to maintain their individual routines. Each room opens to our living playground designed for children to get close to nature. We encourage children to walk through the garden beds, touch the plants, and dig in the mud and sand pits, water the garden and vegetable patch and also play on the outside play equipment which is assembled differently every day. We have healthy, well balanced nutritional meals for the children cooked daily in our on site kitchen. There is ample parking available in our car-park. As well as easy access to public transport with a bus stop over the road. A pram parking space is available for those parents who wish to walk their child to the centre and not have to lug their pram home and back again.

Our Philosophy

We believe that each child is a unique individual who needs a secure, caring and stimulating environment in which to grow and mature both intellectually, physically and socially. We aim to help children meet their full potential in all these areas by providing a safe and challenging environment.

Our role is to guide the children and help them gain knowledge by providing the opportunity to discover for themselves and practice their newly gained skills. Providing access to hands-on activities and allowing time and space to use materials that reinforce the lesson being studied.

Giving children the opportunity for input generates ideas. This then grants children ownership of play leading to motivation to master the skills necessary to reach their goals.Our goals as educators are to in-still a love of learning and to be compassionate and strong. Children are our future and have a right to develop to their full potential. Children teach us to keep an open mind and remind us to laugh.

Our Approach

By providing a warm, safe and nurturing environment, building trusting relationships and giving thoughtful attention to each child’s needs, our educators create an atmosphere in our early learning centre that: